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Visoko kakovostni izdelki za nego, zaščito, regeneracijo in lajšanje težav domačih živali. Vsi izdelki naravne kozmetike so ročno pripravljeni, na podlagi tradicionalnih receptur in znanstvenih dognanj, iz skrbno izbranih naravnih sestavin ter izvlečkov zdravilnih zelišč.

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How to help your dog’s dry nose?

It’s a fact there are many dog breeds in the world and that each one is unique in its own way. However, there’s a small body part that looks the same in every dog. We talk about their noses, of course. Dogs’ noses hide many secrets. They present the main tool for their exploring the world and different smells and odors.

They not only serve for breathing but also help in regulating their body temperatures. Therefore, all dog owners need to pay attention to that very important body organs.

Why do dogs have wet noses?

Dogs’ noses excrete a mucus that helps them to keep the scents of sniffed items on their noses. When a dog licks its nose, he actually discovers the ’taste’ of a newly discovered odor.


Why is my dog’s nose so dry and cracked?

If we would ask dog owners how do their dogs’ noses feel on touch, most of them would say they are wet and cold. However, there are situations when they may become warm and dry due to a number of reasons.

  1. Sudden temperature changes
    The first reason for your dog’s dry nose may be the sudden change of temperature. Since dogs have skin all covered with fur, there are only their paws and nose left for sweating. So, when a dog is exposed to hot or too cold weather and wind, its nose might become dry and warm. However, it should quickly get back to a normal condition.
  2. Excercise
    In a case when you trained your pooch longer than you usually do, his nose may become dry due to dehydration. Therefore, it’s extremely important to always take a bottle of water for your dog.
  3. Sunburn
    Having a walk on a sunny day might sound great however if you don’t pay attention to protecting your dog’s nose from UVA and UVB rays, the stroll may end up wrong! Note that you can also put on your dog’s nose a protective sunscreen that is free of fragrances and alcohol in order to protect those tiny skin. When a dog gets nose sunburns, besides visible redness, it develops the cracked skin, blisters, and crusts.
  4. Potential fever or another health issue
    If you’ve noticed some unusual discharge coming from your furry friend’s nose then you need to take him to the vet. One of the triggers could be environmental allergens such as dust and pollen. A dog that suffers from an allergy would show excessive sneezing (a couple of times in a row) and a watery nasal discharge.

    Another potential issue could be fever. The flu in dogs is similarly expressed like in people and is followed by coughing or sneezing, and watery or yellowish nasal discharge.

    When we talk about other health issues that may affect your pooch’s nose, it could be the conditions called Hyperkeratosis, Lupus, and Pemphigus. Brachycephalic dog breeds such as French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and Pugs are at higher risk to suffer from Hyperkeratosis that is followed by the excessive formulation of nose crusts.

How to prevent a dog from having a dry nose?

Since dogs’ noses are very sensitive and can easily become cracked and dry, it’s advisable to prevent it before such problems occur. It includes a regular checking the nose for humidity and putting a natural soothing oil that will keep the over needed moist.

Natural ways to soothe and heal your dog’s dry nose problem always present a better pick than buying commercial products that are usually rich in different useless ingredients such as parabens and preservatives.

Flora4Pet Nose Oil with marigold and chamomile will certainly not cause any side effect in your furry friend’s nose. Besides these two ingredients, it contains olive oil and stem. It can be used not only for the nose but also for dry dog’s skin around the mouth, on the elbows and paws.

dog dry nose treatment

It’s good to mention that a dog’s dry nose does not always mean trouble. That’s why prevention literally does half of the work. You don’t need to strain yourself about the potential issues if you provide your four-legged friend with the appropriate care.