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How to help dogs’ dry and cracked paws?

Dogs’ paws do a lot of work for their bodies. Besides their noses that allow them to discover the world, their paws present the second most important tool for exploring. As a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed that your pooch licks his paws occasionally. However, have you ever wondered what could be the reasons for such behavior? 

While some dogs don’t develop any paw issue during their lifetime, there are those that are more prone to experience some of them.

dry paws

Treat your dogs’ dry and cracked paws with 100% natural balm

Dogs can suffer from paw pads that can get cracked and dry. Even though dogs’ paws are thought to be rough to the touch for traction purposes, they should never be dry or cracked

That’s why we developed Natural Paw Healing Balm: a specially formulated, herbal-based treatment meant to soothe, moisturize, heal, and protect your dogs’ paws. NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO chemical preservatives, NO dangerous petroleum. 

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What are the main causes of cracked and dry paws?

Unfortunately, when dogs’ paws are cracked and dry, they can collect debris and dirt. This can cause dog paw pad injuries. And, despite all your best efforts, dogs can still suffer from cracked, painful paw pads no matter what you do, which can be highly frustrating.

In many cases, cracked paw pads are a reaction to your dogs’ environment. Remember that a dogs’ paw pads are a lot like the bottoms of your feet. Any harsh chemicals you might use on your floor can be transferred to your dogs’ paw pads and cause dryness and irritation. 

cracked dog paw pads

Sometimes the dog licks their paws because of irritation or pain they are attempting to alleviate. Experts theorize that paw licking could be linked to a pH imbalance which can occur when a dog doesn’t get enough meat in their food. You can always test the theory by feeding them more protein!

It’s also thought that cracked paw pads may result from zinc deficiencies, which is why your vet might recommend giving your dog a fish oil supplement to boost their numbers. Senior dogs can get cracked paws too, related to a condition of old age called hyperkeratosis.

Dogs’ paw pads are a lot like human feet in many ways. Think about how your feet respond when you walk around barefoot a lot. If you walk around on tough or rough ground, the soles and heels of your feet get tougher, dryer, and more callused. Sometimes they might even start to crack too, depending on the kind of care and attention you give them. This is especially true if you aren’t moisturizing your feet regularly. 

A dogs’ paw pads are very similar, and the texture and roughness of the pad can change with their environments as well as the seasons. Dogs from cold weather areas suffer from cracked paw pads more often because of the salts on the ground, and because the snow will often refreeze between their toes.

Dogs from hot climates can also suffer from cracked paws, especially if they walk on hot asphalt or sand frequently, though it is more common in colder climates.

How to take care for dog paws

Grooming isn’t just for skin and fur – your pet’s paws need it as well! Providing proper grooming will help to prevent injuries or discomfort, and keep your pets’ paws feeling their best. Grooming activities are also a good way for you to bond with your pet and spend some quality time together.

1. Pedicure

Your dog’s nails should be regularly trimmed every 1-2 months. However, it depends on many reasons, and some of them are age, activity, and environment. In other words, if you own an older dog that is not so active, you’ll need to cut his nail more often. 

The procedure of pedicure should be done carefully in order not to hurt a dog and not to cut the nail too deep. If the pooch acts uncomfortable, it’s advisable to feed him with some treats in order to keep his attention. 

2. Trim hair between paw pads

The hair between the pads on your pets’ paws can get matted and painful, so make sure to brush it out and keep it trimmed to the same height as their paw pads.

trim dog hair between paw pads

3. Regularly check your dogs’ paws

It might sound like a cliché but regularly checking your dogs’ paws is the best prevention. Of course, regularly soothing the dogs’ paws is also highly recommended.

4. Moisturize and massage

Consider moisturizing your furry best friend’s paws daily with a paw balm that is rich in different natural ingredients. It will soothe even cracked and dry dog’s paw pads and provide the skin with elasticity. 

Not only will your pet love you for giving their paws a special spa day, but they’ll also feel better because moisturized paws are softer and less prone to injury or cracking. 

Massaging will help improve circulation to the paws as well. Try rubbing gently between paw pads and in a circular motion with your thumb on the back of the paw.

First-Aid for cracked and dry paws

If you do notice cracked dog paws, don’t fret, you can help them at home with the right products and care. As with any injury, if symptoms worsen or appear severe, contact your veterinarian for treatment advice.

1. Clean the pads with a washrag or warm water 

2.Pat them dry, then apply ointment / balm / moisturizing cream - we suggest you try Flora 4 Pets Natural paw healing balm 

3.We recommend putting socks or bandages on your dogs’ paws so he can walk more comfortably while the cracks are healing

4.To further protect pet paws and speed up healing, limit the length of walks.

There are many different types of healing and moisturizing topical creams that can be found to soothe the paws. Our Paw Healing balm is 100% natural, safe, lickable and hand-made with love 😍.  And it works!!!