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The best ways to keep your dog smelling fresh every day

Dog owners often experience not so thrilling smell of their dogs’ fur. The scent of their four-legged fellows’ skin much depends not only on the breed they belong to but also on hygiene and diet they get.

That’s why we decided to provide you with some useful tips for keeping your furry friend’s coat fresh and clean every day. Remember that your home’s smell doesn’t need to reveal there’s a dog living out there!

Forget about frequent bathing

We all know that frequent bathing of dog’s fur is not advisable because in that way you remove the natural moist of its skin. Every dog has a unique balance of hormones that affect the scent of their bodies. Unlike short-coated breeds, dog breeds with curled hair usually don’t express any unpleasant smell because the moist is kept under the top of their coat. Their thick coat simply doesn’t allow the smell to pop out.

On the other hand, when you own a short-coated dog or a dog with flat and long hair that allows the moist to slip to the surface, you can find yourself in a dead end.

When a dog gets frequent baths, it may experience dry, tight and itchy skin that often leads to a number of skin issues. Therefore, it’s recommended to find another, more simple way of cleaning your dog’s coat.

What products to use for cleaning a dog’s coat?

Baby wet wipes present the great choice when you want to clean your furry friend’s hair from dirt such as mud, dust and some potential allergens. We recommend baby wet wipes because they are usually rich in different oils and don’t contain alcohol.

Another solution may present a wet towel. In the case when you need to clean larger surfaces of your pet’s coat, a towel soaked in warm water can do the work.

dog in mud

When choosing a dog shampoo it’s recommended to pay attention to its ingredients. Hypoallergenic shampoos are always a better choice than those with a cheap price. By investing in your pet’s shampoo, you’re investing in his skin and coat health too.

How to make your dog’s coat to smell fresh?

Using different dog deodorants can much help in reducing baths. Flora 4 Pets dog deodorant presents a completely safe and natural dog deodorizer for making your little pooch’s fur smell great. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and will not cause any allergy.

Your doggie’s coat can get a totally different meaning with the natural power of lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint essential oils. Peppermint not only provides the fur with freshness but also helps in relieving hot spots and different skin inflammations.

Lemongrass is rich in vitamin C that improves the strength of the skin and prevents it from being dry, while lavender leaves calming and soothing effects. The mix of these three oils is suitable for treating anxiety, fungal skin infection and hair loss in dogs as well as many other skin infections.

What else may affect your dog’s coat smell?

By regularly washing the bed of your pooch, you’ll not only prevent it from mites but also from dust, dirt and the bad odor that the fabric collects. You can ’throw down the river’ all the previously mentioned advice if your dog’s bed or the place he spends time isn’t kept clean.

Brushing the fur is also advisable because it is only one of the ways for removing the dead hair and dust from it. In that way, you’ll also remove the environmental allergens that may become the main triggers for itchy and inflamed skin.

You must admit that an unpleasant dog’s mouth stench is something that doesn’t thrill us at all. Note that our furry lovable friends deserve to get oral care too. By regular brushing your pet’s teeth you will not only prevent him from smelly breath but will also keep him away from gingivitis, plaque builds up and gum disease.

It’s not said without a reason that our overall health much depends on what we eat. Well, the same rule applies to dogs! Therefore, avoidance by-products, preservatives, and corn in your four-legged friend’s nutrition can help him smell better.

Don’t blame your loyal pooch for having a bad odor ’cause it much depends on you. You’re the only one who is responsible for his hygiene, nutrition, and care. Therefore, we are sure that all the previously mentioned tips can much help you in keeping your dog’s coat fresh, healthy, and clean!